Dressing has its own rich and interesting history. Each period has its own elements and other elementary kinds of style. We have to divide fashion into several parts because everyone has their own style of dressing. Women dress themselves differently than men. Old people dress differently than young people or teenagers. Clothes, which are worn by rich people, change very quickly because they can pay more money than poorer people. Many people sympathise with known slogan which says: “Fine feathers make fine birds.” Everybody wants to look good in public because it’s very important to be attractive and that’s why everyone does what ever they can so that they can look their best. It’s very important what season it is and what the weather is outside. When it’s hot, everyone feels better in clothes which are light and airy. In summer people wear, for example, shorts, T – shirts, short skirts, nice sunglasses and other clothes which show off the beautiful parts of women’s bodies. But when it’s colder many people prefer warmer clothing that lets you go outside when weather isn’t optimal. People compensate for themselves in some types of outfits that allow us to be places where we couldn't normally go. For example, spacesuits for cosmonauts or diving suits for divers. But when it’s raining outside the best things you can wear are your large umbrella and long raincoat. Winter is also the time of public parties and balls to which people wear formal clothes. Women can choose from several sorts of clothes. They like various gowns of many colours. They dress in high heels and younger girls can wear a nice jewel in their hair or around their necks. Gentlemen dress in some dark trousers, button down shirts of many colours and over them they can wear a vest or tuxedo.
But when people go to work they dress in clothes like overalls or sweat pants. I must say that I described the western fashion which is normal for us but in other places of the world people dress differently than we do.

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