Visiting sports

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Visiting sports

Stadiums, circuits, pitches, courses, and other places where are sports and games exhibited are full of people. And it doesn’t mean that there are so many sportsmen. These people are called spectators. They like to watch other people doing sports. You can say that it is possible to watch it on TV too. But they don’t like it. They are interested in live sports. There are a huge number of spectators and it is very popular. You needn’t to be educated, you needn’t know the rules and you can be a fan. Fan is somebody, who is keen on watching his/her favourite team or sportsman playing or racing. He things his team is absolutely the best forever. He is able to fight with other fans of others teams. Everybody can be fan very easy, so it is a pop-culture.

Why do people travel sometimes-large distances to the stadiums and watch games? Doesn’t matter on the weather. The one of the reasons is that these people like to be in the crowd. Yes, many fans know only a little about the rules or history of the sport or team, which they watch. They like to shout, smile, cry, together. They are lost in the crowd and they aren’t shy at the moment. Similar people go to the stadium to drink or chat more than watch the match. Other group of spectators are crazy into the sport they visiting. They know all details about it. They buying sport-magazines, they were sport dress and they like to do the sport like an activity. The last thing is the main difference between these two groups. Real fans can applaud to another team when it is better than his is. He likes fair play.

Very special group of fans is group of national team fans. Many of these people like to be fans only if there is some tournament or championship or if there are Olympics. This group has the largest number of women into it.

In the first or second there are some but they are minority. These fans are sometimes rich because they can afford to traveling to foreign countries and buying expensive tickets. They were clothes with theirs country flags. They paint flags on their faces and they are very friendly with another fans. There is one specialty in our republic. Many people became more patriots when our team is successful. You can see more flags and national symbols at the stadium than in the streets when there is a national holiday. But there is one thing, which is common for all the groups. They love the atmosphere and mood when theirs team score!

I think that it is a good hobby and fine way how to spend your free time. But there have to be some limits. There are many causes, when drunken fans vandalized shops, stations and fight together in the streets. And it is sometimes dangerous to be in the crowd. It is so often that there are many injuries of fans during matches too. Everybody have to be careful.

What about me? Am I sport fan? Yes and no. I have my favorite team /Sparta Prague/But I’ve never seen them live at the pitch. I am the third group of the fans. I like to watch it on TV. I am very lazy. But I can imagine myself in the third group of fans. Sometimes I would like to visit Olympics or Champions league match but I am not so rich to buy the tickets. And I have no time for it. I like to read the details about our national teams matches in the newspaper.

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