Sports and Games

When it say ,,sports and games‘‘ I begin to think why people practise (do) sport. Sports can be a drug for some people. Some people find entertaiment in sports. Somebody has problem with weight so he want to lose some kilos. Sport can be a hobby for many people. Sports are very good for active relaxation and menthal and physical health. We have many reasons to do sport.
There are lots of types of sports and games. We can divide them to a few divisions: We have winter and summer sports. We can practise outdoor and indoor sports. To the outdoor sports we sort- golf, skiing (cross country, down-hill, slalom, ski jump, acrobatic skiing), fishing, climbing, hiking, horse riding, athletics ( sprint, high jump, long jump, javelin throw, ball throw, hammer throw, hurdle race, 100 metre-run, relay run), etc…To the indoor sports we include- table tennis, gymnastic, chees, shooting, tennis, curling, ball games (basketball, volleyball, football- called ,,soccer‘‘ in America, and handball). We know squash which is similar to tennis- for game we need smaller rubber ball and specific racket. Squash is played inside on three walls. There are also water sports- water skiing, swimming, diving, water polo and yachting.
Nowadays many people like doing adrenalin sports. There are sports which are modern, dangerous and demanding for physical condition. For example this is rafting, zorbing, paraquiding, parachooting, climbing, curling and mainly bungee-jumping. Curling is of Scotish origin, it‘s a winter game, when flat stones are thrown towards the mark and the ground in front of them is swept.

It is interesting that many sports have their origins in Britain. Britain is sometimes called the ,,cradle of sports‘‘. Here are the major sport events in Britain- Wimbledon (the Grand Slam Tennis Championship) and The Grand National (it‘s best known horse-race steepchlase.).

There are very important sports events- The Olympic Games. They are held every four years , they have their summer and winter parts which change once every two years. During the Olimpycs people cross their fingers for sportsmen from their country. The first Olimpic Games were held in ancient Greece in 776 B.C. All the fighting had to be stopped. They lasted only one day and consisted of only 1 event- running. Only men could take part in them. The modern Olympics were renewed in1896 by Pierre de Coubertin. The last O.G. were held in Salt Lake City in 2002 where were about 2000 sportsmen, 70 nations and 78 sports events.Our republic won two medals- gold in acrobatic skiing by Aleš Valenta and bronz by Kateřina Nojmanová in skiing) and we were on the 19th place among all the nations. The Olympics begin with an opening ceremony and all sportsmen introduce themselfs. They swear to compete with honour, to be fair, not to be on drugs,… and then The Olympis (fire) flames are lit.
At school we have our physical training lessons twice a week. Before our lesson we must change our clothes and we put on sports wear- sports boats and some tracksuit. In our gym we do apparateis work on e.g.: mats, rings, beam, parallel bars, horizontal bars, vaulting horse, climbing rope and pole. We practise gymnastics or athletics or we play ball games. I like this lessons, because they are very super, nice and exciting for me. We begin warm-up exercises, of course. In summer we usually go to the playground beside the school. Our teacher for P.T. lessons is Mgr. Pecháčková.

Sports facilities in our town are especially in schools. In Gymnázium is the sports-club Musculum and there are 2 gyms which are very good eguipped, and fitness-club. Other sports facilities are fitness-centre ,,Za vodou‘‘ with tennis courts, gym in the school for railwaymen, and sport-centre ,,Na skále‘‘ with voleeyball courts. There is a football station in our town, indoor swimming pool, bowling alley and skiing tracks in Hory and hill ,,Peklák‘‘ for downhill skiing with ski lift.
My favourite sport on TV is hockey. I like cross my fingers for our national team. My favourite sportsmen is Dominik Hašek. He is goal-keeper in hockey and he is of Czech origin. He isn‘t so nice, but he is very good in his profession and he is very sympatic. Nowadays he doesn‘t play, but 4 years ago in the Olympics in Nagano he played for Czech teamn and they won the gold medal.

Each of us can be a good sportsmen. He must be health and non smoker, he must listen to his coach and devote most leisure to it.

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