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Sport and Games are activities that are well known for everybody of us.People started to do sports and games many years ago,but the biggets boom was the last century.With comin of new technologies people got new posibilites and new ideas how to spend their spare time for pleasure,but not only fot it.Sport are one of the most popular leisure time activities,are very god for active relaxation and are important for our physical and menthal health.Can be denifed as an activity that gives enjoyment or recreation.Such a form of relaxation as sports is refresching,can help take off some weight and makes use of one's skills and strenghts.Last,but no least,during sports events one can meet a lot of new people and see how it feels to be winner or a loser.Sports can be a drug for some people.We have many reasons to do sport&games.
Usually all sports and games are further differentiaded into groups according to where and when they can be practised.We can practise outdoor or indoor sports,individual or team sports,summer or winter sports,in the mountain or in water and many others.
Outdoor sports are following : golf,skiing,baseball,windsurfing,fishing,climbing,rallye,horse-riding,football(in U.S soccer),American football.....
Indoor : Basketball,table tennis,gymnastic,chees,volleyball,curling,handball...
Ball games,athletics(sprint,long and high jump,javelin throw and so one),tennis shooting,skateboarding,skating(roller,speed or figure) may be practised,both outdoor and indoor.
There are also aquatic sports : water skiing,swimming,diving,water polo,yachting,canoeing,rowing...
The special group are adrenalin sports,they are modern,dangerous and demanding for physical condition.For example this is rafting,zorbing,paraquaiding,parachooting,climbing and mainly bungee-jumping.
It's interesting that many sports have their origins in Britain.Britain is sometimes called the "cradle of sports".Two types of rugby,modern game of hockey,cricket,darts,tennis or boxing were invited in Britain.Golf,also called the sport of rich people,has its origins in Scotland.
Here are the major sports events in Britain - Wimbledon(the Grand Slam Tournament-all players must be in white clothes),The British Open Golf Championship,The Grand National(it is the best known horse-race steeplechase,in Czech republic is one similiar,the Velká Pardubická).
In USA are the most extended sports Basketball(NBA-best league and best players in the world),Hockey(NHL,same like NBA),Baseball(MLB) and American Fotball(NFL-and it's final SUPER BOWL,which is the most sport famous event in the year in U.S,30sec of advertisment in TV cost something about 30 miliond dollars).
There are very important sport events - The Olympic Games.
They are probably the most famous sports competition.People represent their country.They are held every four years,they have their summer and winter parts which change once every two years.The first OG took place in Olymia,Greece in the year 776 B.C,all fighting had to be stopped.They lasted only one day and consisted of only one event - running.Only men could take part in them.Symbol of the games is The Olympic Flag - there are five connected circles,each symbolises one continent(blue - Europe,black - Africa,red - America,yelow - Asia,green - Australia);and The Olzmpic Fire - it|s traditionallz lighted in Greek Olympia and moved to the city in which the Games are taking place,it burns during the Olympic games.
The modern OG were renewed in 1896 by Pierre de Coubertin and their idea is : It is not important to win but to take part.
The last OG were held in Salt Leke City in 2002where were about 2000 sportsmen,70 nations and 78 sports events.Our republic won two medals - gold in acrobatic skiing by Aleš Valenta and bronz by Kateřina Neumannová in skiing and we were on the 19th place among all the nations.The OG begin with an opening ceremony and all sportsmen introduce themselfs.They swear to compete with be fair.not to be on drugs,....and The Olympics flames are lit.
Other very important sports events are The World or continental Championships and Cups in various sports.
As a hobby sport could be very funny,nearly everybody can do some sport activity.Sport keeps us healthy not only physicaly,but psychicaly too.We can do sport with our friends or meet a lot of new and interesting people.Sport teaches us,how to improve our condition and some kinds of sports could teach us how to be responsible and fair but you must be careful and don't overstimate your power.
As a proffesion it's very hard work,you have to be very good at it if you want to be famous,you can earn a lot of money and meet famous people.It could be dangerous for you body,athletic for muscles - you can stretch your muscles....but what is today safe.In today's sports is dirt like drugs and coruption.Many sportsmen and owners of clubs use it to better results.For someone it is very important to win so they use these means.There was for example a big affair with Petr Korda,Russian skiings(Lazutinova,Danilova) or Tomáš Enge and many and many others.
I am sportsman,i'm playin B'ball,but i like every kinds of sport.I met many friends,visited many coutries and sport makes me happy and makes me psychical strong.I think that sport&games are the best to do in free time,better than drinking,smoking and other....So - lets go to do some Sport!Stand up from your favourite seat and take a walk.Be sure,its good!
Each of us can be a sportsman but not everyone be a good.A good sportsman has to be healthy and is better when he is non-smoker.He should do everything to excel in his sport,listen to his coach and devote most of his leisure ime o it.He has to trainvery hard and should have a fair character.

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