Food and drinks

People usually have three meals a day: breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon and dinner in the evening – these meals differ according to nationality.

My first meal is breakfast. I usually eat cereals with milk and tea. Sometime I eat bread or roll with butter and honey and tea.

English breakfast is quite different. It consists of a glass of fruit juice, cornflakes with sugar and milk and butter crisp pieces of toast with marmalade or jam or honey. Quite a lot of British people eat muesli or some other ready-made cereals or porridge. They drink tea with milk or coffee. On the weekend the English have a big cooked breakfast consisting for example of eggs, fried bacon, sausages, beans, tomatoes and toasts.

I have snack from home. I have fruits, juice and bread with cheese. my mother usually prepares snack for me.

In the Czech Republic lunch is the main meal of the day with soup, a main course usually consisting of some meat, and sometimes deserts. People often eat in restaurants or canteens.
Soups are for example bouillon, potato soup, lentil soup, tripe soup, mushroom soup, tomato soup, fish soup, cabbage soup, caraway soup.
Kinds of meat are beef, pork, veal, lamb, bacon, ham, meatball, chicken, duck, turkey.
As side diesis we can have baked potatoes, jacket potatoes, potatoes pancake, mashed potatoes, chips, Bohemian dumpling, noodles, rice, pasta,.
We can cook, fry, grill, roast, bake, barbecue.

During the week I have lunch in school canteen, at weekend I have lunch at home. We have always something different. I like chicken meat with baked potatoes.

The evening meal is called dinner. Czech dinner is not so nutritious. It may be some salami, cheese, eggs, bread or rolls and some vegetables. Other people prefer a hot meal for dinner, too. They may have pancakes, potato pancakes, pizza or goulash.

The typical Czech meal is tripe soup, roasted goose and sauerkraut and Czech dumpling, roasted sirloin beef in sour cream sauce and Czech dumpling, Spanish birds, potatoes pancake. I like Spanish birds and potatoes pancake with meat.

The traditional Christmas meal is fried carp and potato salad. And now many people prepared pork chop or fish fillet with potatoes salad.

New can divide drinks into non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks: -tea, hot chocolate, cocoa, coffee, coca-cola, milkshake, lemonade, mineral water, milk, juice are non-alcoholics,
Alcoholic drinks are-gin, brandy, beer, rum, plum brandy, vodka, wine, whisky, champagne, cherry brandy.

I like juice, hot chocolate, tea-lemon, strawberry, iced tea, peppermint, fruit.

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