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Sports belong (patří) to most popular leisure time activities. Sports as a form of relaxation are refreshing, can help take off some weight (zhubnout), and to make use of one’s skills and strength. (schopnosti a síla).

We can divide all sports into two groups according to where they can be practised. Indoor sports include for example gymnastics, table tennis, boxing, wrestling etc. On the other hand, among outdoor sports there are skiing (down- hill, cross-country, slalom, ski jumping) sledging, sleighing, (tobogány) hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, golf and some aquatic sports such as rowing and windsurfing. Non-professional cycling, or riding a mountain bike, which is one of the most popular activities, can be also enjoyed outdoors on the roads or paths. but most sports and almost all games can be done both indoors and outdoors. We can divide sports to winter and summer sports.

The games are usually all season activities, and they are practised both indoors and outdoors. The most numerous (početný) group of games are the ball games. Football is the most wide spread (nejrozšířenější). The purpose (účel) of this game is to kick the ball in into the opposite goal (brány).

Next very popular game played with ball is volleyball. It consists of two teams each with six players. It is played on a field or a beach and you need a ball and a net. The object of the game isn’t to let the ball touch the ground on you side, but to try to make the ball hit the ground on your opponent’s side. The winner of the game is the team which had the ball touch the ground the least sum of times that the opponent’s.

Once in two years we have Olympic games, winter games and summer games. Important disciplines in winter games are: Ice-hockey, skiing downhill, cross country, slalom, ski jumping, skating, figure skating. In summer games it is: athletics, rowing,, football, cycling, ball games etc.

There are so many types of hobbies. Some hobbies are rather expensive and some are very time-consuming.

- travelling, sport, reading books …

+ my own experience with hobbies and interests

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