Homelessness can happen to anyone

The Shelter is an organization in Britain which helps people who lost their home and became homeless. Its advertisement describes in a very simple way how easy is to lose everything we usually take for granted. It shows how easy is to lose television, car, home, family. At first sight we would agree with its suggestion that homelessness can happen to anyone. But is it really like that?

The first thing to support Shelter's claims is that really anybody can lose his job. No matter if he is a lawyer, a miner, an office worker or a pilot. The lack of money is one of the most serious factors causing homelessness. Therefore I think that to be unemployed is in fact possible starting point to become homeless. Of course there is a coucil which can help you. But this is only a short term support and after some time you will have the same troubles as you had before.
Secondly, I think that we cannot avoid 'bad days' or misfortune. Not every day is perfect. We can easily fall out and after a few weeks of misunderstanding the extreme situation can lead to divorce or leaving home without any money to spend. Than it is very difficult to find some place to stay or to ask your friends for a help. Again, they cannot help you forever. According to the statistics this is also one of the most common reasons for becoming homeless.
Than there can appear some other troubles such as landlord problems or the problem with paying mortgage. Those people are evicted and left without home. This is mainly connected with the problem of money and unemployment as it was described above.

On the other hand, there are also people for whom the loss of a job is not such a tragedy. To begin with, I would like to mention those who have enough money saved in banks so that they can live some time being unemployed. They are mostly from middle or upper classes of society. In most cases they have quite high level of education and therefore they are able to find another job in a relatively short period of time.
Than there is also a small group of people who have very good and powerful friends in managements of different firms or concerns. Those friends can also help you if you become unemployed. They can use their influence and arrange you a job.

Personally I agree with Shelter's claims. I think nobody can completely avoid all of the possible causes of homelessness. If the loss of their job is not such a serious problem for them there can appear another thing which they are not prepared for. Putting together all the pros and cons I come to a conclusion that definitely it is true that anyone can become homeless.

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