Indiana (USA)

Indiana was admissed to statehood on december 11th, 1816 as 19th state.
The origin of state's name is "Land of Indians". Nickname of this state is "Hoosier state" and motto is "The crossroads of America". Song of Indiana is On the banks of Wabash by Paul Dresser. Like state flower and tree has Indiana Paeonia and Tulip tree (liriodendron tulipifera) and state bird is Cardinal. The state flag of Indiana has 19 gold stars and gold torch on a blue field. The torch represents liberty and enlightenment. The rays represent far-reaching influence. The stars in the outer circle represent the 13 original states; those in the inner circle are for the five states admitted to the Union next. The star above the torch represents Indiana, the 19th state. The flag was adopted in 1917.
Border states are Illionis, Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio. Capital is Indianapolis, other large cities are, for example, Fourth Wayne, Gary, Evansville, South Bend.
Population of Indiana is more than 6 080 500 and area is about 360 500 sq.mi.(98 % of it is land and only 2 % is water). Indiana is hilly with fertile rolling plains in center of it. Highest point of Indiana is Hoosier hill which has 1 257 feet and lowest point is Southwest boundry which has 320 feet. Geographic center of Indina is Boone which is 14 miles northwest of Indianapolis.
Economy is based on agriculture and industry. In Indiana is growing corn, soybeans, hogs cattle, dairy products and eggs, producting is there steel, electric and transportation equipment, chemical and petroleum and coal products, machinery.
Famous people from Indiana are, for example, Michael Jackson, Kurt Vonnegut, jr. or James Dean.
Some first's of Indiana:
The first rapid fire gun was patented by Richard Gatling in Indianapolis 1862.
The first diesel powered tractor was produced in Columbus, IN in 1930.
The debut of singer Frank Sinatra was in Indianapolis at the Lyric Theater February 2, 1940 with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

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