Karel Čapek

In 1890 was born in Malé Svatoňovice one of the biggest czech dramatics, Karel Čapek. He spent his childhood in Úpice and he played with his older brother Josef and his sister Helena.

After their dead he have wrote book called „My lovin brothers“.
His journalistic career is connected with newspaper columns. Čapek was translator too. At first he wrote short texts for Národní listy and Lidové Noviny.

Karel Čapek had many hobbies, for example work in a garden and traveling. He traveled around the Europe and visited France, Italy, Finland, Norway and other countries.

Karel was philosophically pragmatic and his work was frequently oriented against Third Empire and fascism with political satire. His most known works are Krakatit, Bílá Nemoc or Válka s Mloky. Karel wrote books for children too.

In 1938 he died. He was very very unhealthy.

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