Leisure time activities

How do you spend your free time?
Is it just a time, when you sit behind the television or you lie in the bed, or you do any sport and other activity? Many people says that they cant to waste their precious free time, but in fact they are to lazy to do anything.
The best what we can do is find any sport, which could be interesting for us.
Sports are very good for active relaxation and are important for our physical and mental health.
There are lots of types of sports and games. We can do outdoor or indoor sports in, under or above water, wind and the earth. Shortly-anywhere we want. Outdoor sports are as follows: golf, skiing, sledding, windsurfing, fishing, climbing, hiking (tourism), mountaineering, horse riding or rallies. Indoor sports include: table tennis, gymnastics, chess. Ball games athletics (sprint, long and high jump, javelin throw and so one) tennis, shooting, skateboarding and skating (roller, speed or figure) may be practised both outdoor and indoor. There are also aquatic sports-water skiing, swimming, diving, water polo, yachting, canoeing, rowing.
People all around the world participate in for sport. Ball games are popular all around the world-basketball, volleyball (one time it was my favourite sport, but I wasn’t any big talent so I let it down…) popular football (called soccer in America) tennis, handball. Many people go to the hills or mountains-where they are adapted slopes and down-hill runs for skiing. During Autumn American Football rugby and especially baseball are very popular in America. Millions of people like to attend matches, watch them on TV or listen to them on the radio to cross their fingers for their favourite team. But-I dont like this kind of having the rest: its too passive activity and after this you dont have the good feeling of something good done.
But what can we do, if we dont like any sport? Its easy-we can read books in rest and peace of our homes. In the last time is very popular to play computer games or watching the video, DVD, old well-known television or listening the radio.
I have to admit you-I love to do every sport, but after each activity I want to have a long relaxation. Cinema, of course, is one of the most popular. Watching to the lives of others, mostly not-existing people, is very agreeable. We forget for our problems and for two hours we can be someone other.
My parents think that its just a loosing a time, but I cant admit it. I think that is the best for me to feel in psychic balance and dont be worried of everyday problems of these hectic world.
My favourite type of having a rest is sitting in the shadow of the tree in the nature and reading a book-it doesn’t matter if is it sci-fi or fantasy, literature of fact or scientific magazine. This gives me feeling of relax I can feel happy. Sometimes with friends, but I am mostly the happiest when I am lonely.
In our time is the best if we can stole some time for our family, because there is our power: at dome, with relatives without feeling of stress or something worst.
So-be as happy as you can-it is the best way how to have a relax!

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