London is the capital of the United Kingdom. Nearly 7 million people live there. It is a financial and cultural center of England. Many tourists visit London every year. There are many interesting monuments in London. For example Big Ben. There is the Clock Tower with a big clock and with a famous bell. The Tower Bridge is an another symbol of London. This bridge can be opened in the middle and a big ships can go under it on the river Thames. Next amazing place is Buckingham Palace. It is the home of the english queen. Many tourists wait in front of this palace and they watch the changing of the guards every day at 11 am. Modern atraction is the London Eye. It is 150 meters high. It is a wheel with a beautiful view of London. It take about 30 minutes. In London the are many theaters, galleries and museums. For example The British Museum – it is the biggest museum in the world. Typical tranport means are red double-decker buses, the London´s underground called Tube and traditional black taxis. The are also two big airpots Heathrow and Gatwick. London is a really wonderful city and everybody should go there and see it.

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