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(Final essay)

The chase
Have you ever been hunting animals in forest? Or would you like to? In our country it could be rather difficult. You have to be a member of hunter club or you have to have got friend here. This is not same in Great Britain. Hunting is very popular especially in Wales. But they don’t hunting every forest animal. Farmers, landowners, or tourists from many countries have only one target. They hunt fox. Some of them call it sport. Others says that it is necessary for theirs sheep security. But all of them like it very much. You can call it passion or hobby but also it is very traditional and it is a part of country life. So I hope that’s clear why is governmental proposal, which tries to forbid fox hunting absolutely unacceptable for them.

What's the law, which more than 130 hours has been already, spent on in parliament meetings, instead dealing with burning problems in education system or in health service? This new law would definitely forbid all chases or hunts. You can see almost the same procedure every time, when is this law discussed. House of Lords are absolutely pro for the hunting forbid. Then the House of Commons is absolutely against. So where is the way to the solution?

“It's a specific country lifestyle. It's my job, my home even my whole life for many years. It's necessary in the sheep-breading shire. Farmers here are one big fellowship, which lives together and also works together. It's one big jigsaw. While you take one piece out, everything will be destroyed. We don't hunt foxes on horses. We are doing it by foot. If this new law would be accepted, almost 8 000 people will be unemployed.” Says Delan Davis, farmer from Erroe, one of many against-proposals. “British countryside will fight for his freedom, livelihood and liberty.” Says Nicholas Soames the member of opposition party.

But the opponents have slightly different opinion. It's not about workplaces or traditions. It's about inhuman and barbarian sport. Fox chases are nasty, cruel and there's no reason for them. It's a shame that we have still something like this in Britain. We must forbid it.

There are no compromises. They want only the license on cruelty.

And what's my opinion towards it? Let me tell you something about me. I am from country and lot of my neighbours are farmers. I have seen many damages caused by forest animals in the fields. So I can easily agree with the farmers who sometimes want to hunt and kill them. If you ask me if I'd join the chase my answer would be no. I am not able to kill the animal. But on other hand I understand people who want to protect theirs property. (e.g. sheep) Foxes aren't on the edge of eradication like for example wild animals in Africa. Hunted fox has a chance to escape. Theirs death is fast and they don't suffer.

And another reason for fox hunting is something what we can call the natural circle principle. Ask the question. What does the fox eat? Rabbits or other small or weak animals. Keep on asking, What do this little animals eat? Cereals or vegetable which are planted by farmers. We can say that farmers indirectly feed foxes can’t we? And what should be theirs quittance? Occasional chase for them or tourists who pay for it.
OK Now my final answer. I agree with fox hunting and so as the British farmers cannot find any reason for it's forbid.

* All facts was taken from www.bbc.cz

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