Madonna can do anything : she is singer, an acters, a composer, a producer, she was and she is the sex symbol of America.
Madonna was born on the 16th of August 1958 in Detroit in Michigan. She was christend Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, but her family used to called her Little Nonni. Her mother passed away from breast cancer when Madonna was only six years old. When Madonna was 12 years old she enterted the Catholic high school. After Madonna left school and she attented the University of Michigan.
After studying Madonna went to New York. With Steve Bray she released her first single Everybody and first album Madonna. Her music was about to take a new and controvesial turn. She met Sean Penn and married with him when she was twenty seven. Madonnas marriage to Sean officialy ended on January 1989. She has never been married. With Carlos Leon she has daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, the girl was born in 1996 and with Guy Ritchie Madonna has son Rocco Ritchie, he was born in 2000. With her childern Madonna lives in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and London.
We can watch her on Tv, hear in Radio in her new style with album Music.
Madonna is very adaptable, creative, shocking and inscrutable. She is called the queen of pop-music.
I choose Madonna because she is very well-known, we often speak about her. She is super star and I like her as woman, who climbed tothe top of the world with her work and diligence.
Her biggest albums
True Blue
Who is That Girl
Something to Remember
Ray of light
She played in movie
Four Rooms
The Next Best Thing
Dangerous Game

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