My favourite actress - Kate Mulgrew

Katherine Kiernan Mulgrew was born 30. April 1955 as oldest girl in family with 8 children. Her mother Joan was an artist and father Thomas a bussinesman. She grew up in Iowa in the USA.

At the age of 16 she decided to become an actress and she went to New York, where she was accepted to Stella Adler´ss Conservatory. She left school to act.

At the age of 19 she appeared in television soap opera „Ryan´s Hope“ as Mary Ryan, then she has played many theatre roles and some characters in movies – Throw Mumma from the train, Round Numbers aso. Her next role was for example Kate Colombo in Kate loves a mystery.

She has two sons, Alexander and Ian with her former husband Robert Egan. Kate is Irish Catholic, but in spite of this she had divorced with him.

Her „life-role“, that made her famous among all trekkies (fans of science-fiction serial Star Trek) came with Star Trek: Voyager.

Nobody planned that Kate will do this, because this role of Kathryn Janeway should play another actress, Genevieve Bujold. Fortunately for all Voyager fans, Genevieve gave it up and Kate was chosen for role of starship´s Captain, lost with her crew in unknown part of our Galaxy.

Voyager had been shot since 1995 to 2001. While she was shooting this, she had a short relationship with Star Trek director Winrich Kolbe.
In 1999 Kate has married democratic politician Tim Hagan, that she met because of her mother.

Kate Mulgrew is admired by many people for example in countries like the USA, Germany, Greece, Korea, Poland, Malta , Italy… (and the Czech republic)
She is loved by lots of visitors at Star Trek conventions, because it´s not very often to meet her there, and all of them say she was gorgeoous, kind and able to have a fun in front of thousands of people.

Now she lives in Los Angeles, may be in near future will move to Cleveland, where her husband is candidate for Govermor of Ohio.

When Voyager finished, she returned to theatre as Katherine Hepburn in Tea at Five, written by Matthew Lombardo for her.
In 2002 she took little part in Star trek tentht movie – Nemesis, where she could „meet“ her character, Kathryn Janeway again as Admiral Janeway.

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