My daily routine

  1. How does your morning lool like?
  2. What do you usualy have for breakfast?
  3. How do you travel to chool?
  4. How is the school organized?
  5. Where do you go for lunch?
  6. What do you do when achool is over?
  7. Tell something about your hobbies?
  8. How does the evening in your home look like?
  9. What do you do after dinner?
  10. Describe your weekend?

On weekdays I get up at quater past six, an because I´m early bird and I don´t mind getting up early. When I get up, I usually eat cereals with milk. Then I get up dressed, listen to the radio and feed pets. I give granulate, water and some delicaty to them. I brush my teeth, brus my hair and make up. I go to the bus stop.

Every day I commute to school by to two buses. The first bus goes at seven o´clock to Chvojenec, where I wait for the second bus to Holice. It takes me twenty minutes to get there.
My first lesson starts at ten minutes to eight. Each lesson takes fourty-five minutes with ten-minute break. Between the second an the thirt lessons there is a bigger break, whitch lasts twenty minutes. Somebody has snack in the school canteen or they buy food in a shop and I have snack from home. After the fourth lesson we have luch. Studens go for lunch to the canteen as for snack.

The timetable is different every day. The schortest lessons are on Thursday and on Friday. The longest is on Monday and sometime on Tuesday.

When achool finishes, I go home. When I go home I must walk the dog and feed him. When but I go from the school evening so I learn.

I have diner at about six o´clock. We don´t have dinner together. I usually have roll with cheese and vegetable or only cake.

I watch TV or read books after dinner. I go to the bed at eleven o´clock, because I can´t fall sleep earlier.

On weekends I usually go to Pardubice. There I go with my boyfriend to the shop, to the cinema, because it is winter an he doesn´t ski. I summer we play tennis, banbinton, go on outdoor swimming pool. We like to walk in the countryside with my dog or alones. We love bicycle, we ride every weekends. But weekned isn´t only fun but also duty. I must vacuum the floor, dusting, clean the cages, wash and dry the disches and take aou the bin. These duty I try do on Friday in order to I have a time on weekend.

I like my life full of activity an I am never bored. I hope that in the future I will always have time for my hobbies.

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