My favourite room

My favourite room in our flat is the living room. To be honest, maybe I would choose the children’s room, if I didn’t have to share it with my brother.

And what does it look like? It’s quite big (I guess 5x5 metres) and it seems to be the biggest room of the flat. On the south side is a large window facing to the garden, so the light coming through keeps this room comfortably bright during the day. In the centre is a rectangular table and around it is a set of two sofas and a armchair. Next from the window is a table for a television, which my father bought two weeks ago, because the last one (twenty years old Sony) was broken all the time. In the corner stands a lamp and in the second one there is a desk with a computer, where I am writing this homework now.

As I mentioned it’s the biggest room, whenever we have a family occasion or something like that, the living room is becoming the most important room. This is going to happen early on the holiday called in Czech ”Dušičky“, when whole family meets. Everyone just takes a seat and we talk for hours and hours.

We can do lots of different things there, just like listening to the music/radio, watching TV, telephoning, working on computer, talking or whatever. Sometimes we even eat our Sunday’s lunch in living room.

These are the reasons why is the living room my favorite room and why I use it quite often.

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Učitelka mě to kontrolovala a stejně tam nala chyby... tak nevím třeba například mě opravila ON the south side na IN the south side