Pros and cons of living in the city

Some people like living in the country and they would never lived in the town, but somebody might have absolutely opposite opinion. What’s better? Maybe that this essay will help you in your choice.

The first advantage of living in the town is that almost everything is near. You don’t have to use car everytime. There are concentrated all kinds of cultural activities and sport facilities. You can go wherever you want to the cinema, gallery, library, theatre, football stadium, swimming pool etc. There is also more shops and supermarkets. Another point is that it’s easier to find a job there. Hardly anybody works in the country side. And if you call an ambulance, police or fire brigade, they will arrive much early.

On the other side, there are also a number of disadvantages. Firstly, there isn’t so much clean air. It’s far to the nature. Streets are full of cars. It’s horrible to live near noisy street. You can’t have a big garden. It’s difficult to keep animals in the town. For example somebody has a dog and he lives in a flat. It’s not the best. And it’s imposible to have animal like pig or hen. Finally, the price of houses or flats is higher then in country side.

To sum up, I can’t say that town or country side. Everybody likes someting different. For me it’s better to live in the town, because of the advantages I have mentioned. I don’t have to go to school by bus or train. My friends are near. And the last thing is that I don’t mind living in a flat. Maybe, I will change my opinion in the future, when I will be older and I will have a car.

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