Pros and cons of living at the country

The Pros of living in the city:
- You can go everywhere you want by feet because it´s near for exampel to the school
- You don´t have to use a car
- You can do a lot of thinks there for exampel: sport, swimming, go to the theatre, to the cinema, to the disco,to the pub …
- You have near your job
- You have more friends here
- Because of better shopping
- You have near the doctor and office

The Pros of living in the countryside:
- If you have a little child it´s better because of a clean air
- You can have a garden
- You can go for a walk more, relax in a nature, sit of a bench and kiss your friend
- You can have your own eggs or milk
- You have better condition for having a pet

I think that the best is to live outskirts of the town and to have a nice family house with a little garden.
There isn´t so bad atmosphere and it´s not so far to the town.

I think I live at the most ideal place. I live here in Náchod on the hill under the castle. I got it a few steps to my school and to my doctor in Plhov, I just go down and I´m in the center. It´s really fine.
Of course I can go to the Nachod´s castle and relax with my friend, we can say hallo to those bears Dáša and Ludvík…

I can do what I want if my mum say ´yes´ of course :o)

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