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Public transport At present, when the prices of petrol and other factors to use your own car are still rising, it is still better to use public transport in case you travel alone ore in two. Public transport we can divide in four types: inner-city, intercity, international and overseas. Now we will look at these types in more detailed view. Inner-city transport is represented mainly by buses, which have more doors and more space for standing passengers. Bigger towns and cities also use electric transport, which is cheaper and ecological and it is represented by trolleys, tramways, underground and other railways. Cities with access to river or sea also use small ships. In exceptional case or if you have a lot of money, you can use taxi. Intercity transport also uses coaches often, but more comfortable models for longer ways. Very favourite is railway transport, which is at us the cheapest, though in case, that you are using some of customer discounts. Again is here possibility to use small ships or ferries. International transport uses more often trains than buses. Both they are however conformed for long distance travels so there is a possibility in them to eat and sleep. That is resolved well in trains, which have special dining and sleeping cars. Also here is a possibility to use air transport, though in case, that you fly at longer distance. For island states it is necessary to use ships and larger ferries, which can carry even buses and trains. Overseas transport is practically equal to international; only it specializes on crossing great distances across the seas and oceans. To this purpose it uses gigantic transoceanic ships and ferries or large airliners. At last I would only like to say, that though public transport is now not so advantageous as before, it should be used anyway. When not for economic reasons then at least for ecological.

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