Reality shows (article)

If you have been watching TV recently, you must have seen some kind of reality show. These shows became really popular. It brought something new, something that we hadn’t seen anywhere before.

One of the well-known reality shows is Big Brother. It is originally a name of Orwell’s novel. They also used the same phrase: „Big Brother is watching you“. That seems to be really suitable. The point of this show is that viewers can see the contestants 24 hours a day. Performers get no privacy and they are given also some task to do. Each week they vote one inhabitant out. The one who stays longest is the winner. Contestants are carefully chosen to represent various characters and to create a very interesting group of people.

Why is reality show so popular? As I have mentioned at the begging it is new. It gives us the chance to look into people’s lives. We can watch them every day, see them feeling high and low and watch the progress in relationships between them. Moreover it is we who decide who goes out and who stays.

The reality shows bring big popularity. Many people became overnight celebrities. On the other hand, it is not easy to take part in reality show. You have to be exhibitionistic and sometimes it takes a lot effort not to be mad.

In conclusion, I would like to think about the future of reality shows. In my opinion reality shows are going to be less and less popular. When it started it was a big shock for everyone, but nowadays this topic is not so hot. Moreover it is harder to invent a new format that would attract people again.

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