Religion - The role of religion in modern society

The role of religion has been developing since the formation of mankind. People have always needed to believe in some supernatural power, which could explain nature phenomena. Different kinds of religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism have thought believers in all world, how to behave themselves. People have lived, owing to religion, in hope of better life, which would come after suffering on the earth.

Nowadays, in spite of advance in science,many people still need to believe in God,who they can speak to and who can help them in difficult situatins of life.They want to meet with the others in the churches,temples or mocques and long for feeling of safety among the believers and in presence of God.It is,I think the most important role of religion in modern society.
Unfortunately ,religion, which should be very peaceful, is often reason of intolerance among people with different faith.The biggest problem is abusing of religion for solution of qarrel between states.The most dangerous religious movement is Islam, which is widespread mainly in arabian world.Local people, Muslims, are too much influenced by their belief and they are prepaired to do whatever for it.The proof of this statement are,for example,recent terroristic actions in USA,which was organized by Islam fundamentalists.The other consequence of religious intolerance is holocaust-chasing of Jews during second world war . The main reason of liquidation of jewish people was not, of course, mere idelogy of clean race,but it was the way to get their huge property.

The attitude towards religion is not the same in all parts of world.In westrn Europa and America prevails Christianity.The most of children became a member of the Church of their parents and religious teaching is part of their education.I think it is very good for morality of young people,but anybody must not be persuade of belief in God.

In eastern and middle Europe was religious feeling opressing by communist government because the Church was judged as a servival of feudal system.As a result of that fell a number of believers. Not everywhere were communists succesful.In Polland has religion still very important role in society.

Very old,specific and strange religion is Hinduism,which is inseparable part of life of all people in India.It distinguist itsef by belief in destiny and in immortal souls.The next feature of Hinduism is paying honour to some animals and plants.
In this time became popular the ideas of Buddhism- religion,which was established by philosopher Buddha.The God is not recognized as one person,who created the world,but as a state of felicity.

At the end of my work I would like to give one point,which have all religions common.In the beginning of 21.century,when everybody lives hasty,materialist life,in which is too little place for human feeling is the religion for many people the only indespensable refuge.

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