Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe

About the author:

Daniel Defoe was born in 1660 (or 1661) in London.
He died on April 26, 1731 in London too. He wanted to be a priest, later he travelled across Europe. He tried to use his experience as salesman. For his political opinions he was kept in prison. He wrote approximately 250 publications. He ranks among very talented journalists. Only in his late 50th he became one of the most famous writers. In 1719 he wrote a novel called “Life and strange adventures of Robinson Crusoe”.

About the book:

The book tells the story about Robinson, who was a sailor. Once a day their boat wrecked on the island, but Robinson survived. It lasted a long time until he adapted and until he made the things needed for living. Once a day he met a tribesman. Because he didn’t know his name, he called him “Friday”.
He was his servant. In order to survive and sweeten his life on the island he learnt how to make bread, catch the goat, build a house, make a calendar, make ceramic dishes and make plenty of different things. At the end a boat rescued him.

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  9. červen 2008
  6 700×
  195 slov

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