Daniel Defoe- Robinson Crusoe

About the story:

The story is about a son of the businessman, who traveled by ship which was wrecked on the rock. Only he survived. He was himself , but he didn’t know it. He adapted slowly. Second day he started to search of some dwelling. He went through the forest to the cave. When he saw the cave, he started to dream about a nice garden in the front of the cave. He went into the cave. The cave was big, but uncomfortable too. He had to make some implement, because he had to provide wood. He wanted to catch some animals too. At the afternoon he went back with the wood and catch. Then he started to work. He was paint all on the ground. First day he built the bed. Next day he built tables and cupboards. After one month his cave looked as nice flat. Later he made the calendar and sundial. He knew how long he has been there, because he did the stroke in the tree every day. He was there 456 day. One year later he made a nice garden and the map of the island. One day he was going at the coastal where he saw the man’s track. He went to him, but the man was dead. Several time cannibals was on the island. Once Robinson saw them, how they were preparing their new casualty. He saved him and gave him a name: Friday. At the end, after ten years, they stopped a ship and went back in York. Robinson found his mother there. Robinson and Friday opened a shop. And all were happy.

My opinion:

The book is interesting, but I read this book for several time and for that reason the story wasn’t as thrilling as I read this book first time.

About the author:

Daniel Defoe was born in 1660 in London. He died on April 26, 1731 in London too. He wanted to be a priest, later he traveled across Europe. He tried to use his experience as salesman. He wrote about 250 publications. He was a very talented journalist. Only in his late 50th he became one of the most famous writers. He wrote this book in 1719.

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