Did they actually exists or were they only a legend? What sort of men were they ? Why are they saints? This question and many others occures to me for this theme.

They are mostly heroes, who became famous during the wars or they were martyred. Each of them has his own nameday which is in different countries celebrated as a national feast.

But I am not a Christian and I do not believe in Christian Got or in other gots! Yes, I know that some people in our planet (or in the Czech Republic, if you want) believe in some got. Why do they need them? Maybe gots help to live old or weaknes people. A lot of us convert to Got when we need some solace. But dissapointing, pain, lossing love or close friend belongs to life! I do not denounced the faith but I say: “It can not help you to solve your problems!“ There are a lot of things which are the most important then religion or some legends about the saints. Belief in friends, parents or in our life are the most usefulness facts for me. It gives me a fancy for my life!

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