Science has gone too far

We all know how fast is growing calculation power of computers. Two-year-old computer has half a speed of the new one. This drives computer engineers to finding new technologies to boost the power.

Scientists are now stesting optical and biological technologies. Some new discoveries are quite controversial, for example central processing unit (CPU) of new generation could be made from mortally dangerous virus ebola.

Although scientists are trying to breed a new virus variety, that couldn´t be dangerous for people, vision of computer-killer doesn´t look much peacefully.

Biological technologies could be also used for storing information. Can you imagine small green glass with pipes instead of your hard disk? Your computer will be like a pet, it will eat special nutrition and breathe the same air as you. Computer will become more like an animal than only machine that you can easily turn off.

Virus Ebola could be used in computers because of its ability to store a huge amounts of data. How far is from „breathing computer“ to a monster that will conquer the human kind?

Present science is getting to the edge. There is very serious problem with mutations, caused by radiation and reproduction. Coincidence or piracy can construct virus which will be able to make changes on DNA of ours personal computers. By changing the DNA virus could found a new „animal variety“.

People should watch scientists carefully and don´t let them construct the Chimera!

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