Shifting cultivation - open door policy with regard to immigration

‘All wealthy countries should have an ‘open door’ policy with regard to immigration.’ Do you agree with this statement? /Argumentative/

At the very beginning I want to talk about what does an ‘open door’ policy means. It is a policy, which allows emmigrants to come into the country without any problems. I think it means that everybody is welcome. But the statement shows us that wealthy countries should have open door policy. It is really a good idea?

A first thing against this statement is about people who visit wealthy country because of lack of jobs in their own country. This is a fact, which causes a lot of problems. We can divide these immigrants into two major groups. In the first group there are people who are going to work in a country without any permission. They are working illegally as black workers for very low salaries. This would not be such a big problem, but other people who are allowed to work are not accepted because the salaries have to be higher for them. This causes the fact of high unemployment in the country. The second group of people are immigrants too, but they are different. These people immigrate to better work conditions. They are intelligent and skilled but have not good conditions for their work. There is also the problem with rising unemployment but they also promote the prosperity of the country.

Another thing is a fact about people who come to the country because of political disturbances or restlessness in their homes. There are many groups of them but I choose just two major ones. There is a group, which is wealthy and have a huge capital. This is a good for the economy of the country they immigrate to. But it is a very low percentage of them. On the other side there is a group of people who are very poor. They have not got any money and also no place to live. The simplest way how to earn money is to steal. This is a reason why local population is afraid of them.

Another reason against the statement is simply fear of strangers or xenophobia. This is the main reason all over the world because locals are afraid of people who are different than themselves. On the other hand it can bring numerous benefits despite, or maybe even because of their differences. Consider the arts, which are unique in the wealthy countries because of influence of ethnic and cultural diversity. Even such common place services as restaurant offer an amazing number of choices in ethnic cuisine. The reason is cultural diversity, which is a benefit of immigration.

We also have to put into account moral aspect of that topic. Everybody feels that we have to help people. It is a main moral law, which keeps our minds that we are here for somebody who needs help. We have to show that we have respect to the lives of others.

Putting it all together I reach the conclusion that it is not simple to say what the wealthy countries should do. Many people agree with ‘open door’ policy but on the other side there are many groups who agree with ‘close door’ policy. I think that true is somewhere in the middle.

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