Some of today’s problems

Smartphones… Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat… I’m so glad I didn’t know these things when I was a child. I cared about different things. I played with dolls and soft toys and later had one computer together with my sister. My first mobile phone was an old Nokia and I was so happy when I got it. But it’s different nowadays. Children aren’t satisfied with so old-fashioned things today.

Soon there will be Christmas and what do many girls and boys want? A new phone. But not just any old one. They dream about the newest version of iPhone or at least something on such a good level (clothes, books or toys aren’t good enough for them). And after Christmas they will compare their new stuff with people at school to show how ‘cool’ they are. And who doesn’t have any interesting gadget is simply a poor loser with no friends.

And these modern technological miracles cause many more similar problems. I don’t mean playing games on smartphones, because it was possible also on the old mobiles and I think it’s not so common across generations. I’m talking about spending too much time browsing on Facebook, sharing almost everything on Instagram, sending weird pictures on Snapchat and much much more. The situation was bad earlier already (I can’t say that I wasn’t spending much time on social media when I was younger and without smartphone) but I think it’s getting worse nowadays, because the possibility of checking the latest posts on Facebook or Twitter is always in our pockets.

We bring our phones with us everywhere and care about them as if they were the most precious things in our lives. But that’s obviously not good! Isn’t it sad when some friends are chatting with some other people on their mobiles while sitting in restaurant instead of enjoying the time with the currently present people? I strive not to do that because I realize this problem and many of my friends have the same feeling but unfortunately not all of them.

And it’s getting worse because even small kids, whose older brothers and sisters and also parents and sometimes grandparents use mobile phones very often, don’t know world without these smart devices and can’t sense and prevent the problem of today’s world.

But, as I’ve said already, some people try not to spend so much time on chats or social media. I’ve heard for example about a non-electronic Sunday once. That means that you shouldn’t use any electronic devices during this day. You can’t work on computer or laptop, watch TV and, of course, use your mobile phone. I thought about trying such a weekend, but wouldn’t it be boring?

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