Sports and games

Sports and games are activities that are well known to everybody. People started to do a sport many years ago. It is a good way to keep fit, good idea how to spend time. Active relaxation is very important for our mental and physical health. We can take off some weight and live healthier. As a hobby sport can be very funny, we can do sport with our friends or meet a lot of new people. Sport teaches us how to improve our condition but we must to be carefull and don´t overstimate our power. We could stretch the muscles or break a leg or a hand.

All sports and games are differentiated into groups according to where and when they can be practised. We can practise outdoor sports like golf, horse –riding,baseball, climbing, footbal, soccer or skiing, windsurfing and fishing. We can do indoor sports, for example aerobics, gymnastic, volleyball, handball, basketball and many others. Further we can classify summer and winter sports. In summer we can swimming, running,biking, play tennis or beach volleyball, scateboarding, roller scating, play golf or pollo. In winter we can ice scating, skiing, sledge or play ice hockey.

The special group are adrenalin sports. They are modern, dangerous and demanding for physical condition. In this group belong raftin, zorbing, paraquaiding, parachootin, climbing or bungee jumping. I would like to try bungee jumping, but I´m afraid that I could hurt myself. By these sports we can have a fatal injury- fractures, internal bleeding.

For me is sport very important. I can abreact myself. I prefere summer because I like outdoor sports and in summer I can running and biking. Sometimes I play volleyball or football with my friens but running is my favourite sport. I strain the muscles in all body. I don´t have trouble with breathing because I don´t smoke. I like roller scating to,but I´m not good in it.I go to the fitness centre too. In a winter I love skiing. I´m skiing for eight years and I still enjoy it. I don´t like snowboarding. I think that snowboarders are reckless. I like ice scating but only with my friends.

Every country has its most famous sport and game. I is interesting that many sports has their origin in Britain. Two types of rugby, cricket, tennis or boxing were found in Britain. For GB are most important sports polo, golf, cricket and tennis and their major sports events are Wimbledon (tennis-all players must be in white clothes), The British Open Golf Championship and The Grand National (the best known horse-racesteeplechase-in Czech Republic we have one similar-Velká Pardubická).In USA are mostextended sports Basketball (NBA-best players in the world) , Hockey (NHL) , and American football(NFL). For Canada the typical sports are ice hockey, lacrosse and curling. For Australia sailing and surfing-because of beautiful beaches. For NZ it is rugby, for Ireland hurling. For The Czech Republic are more important ice hockey, soccer, volleyball and horse-racing too.

As a proffesion is sport a hard work, you have to be a vary good if you want to ba famous,you can earn a lot of many. You don´t have a time for family life, you must train a lot and it is hard for the body. In today´s sport is lot of dirt like drugs and coruption. Many sportsmen and owners of clubs use it to better results. For someone is so important to win that they use these means.

The probably most famous sports competition are The Olympic Games. Every four years athletes from around the world come together to compete in OG. This events was first held at Olympia in ancient Greece(776BC). It took place to honour the Greek god Zeus. Today the OG are held in different cities around the world every four years. The ancient OG were not just a sporting event. They were competitions in poetry, music, rhetorics and other arts as well.

Today around 10000 athletes compete in the OG representing over 200 nations. At first the modern OG included only summer sports-swimming, rowing and track and field. In 1924 were first winter OG-skating, hockey, skiing, bobsledding or snowboarding. The OG have always included a number of ceremonies with themes of international friedship ans peacfull cooperation. The OG beginn with the light the Olympic flame in the main Olympic stadium. The olympic flag consists of five interlocked rings of different colours on a white background-unity among the nations of Africa, the America, Asia, Australia an Europe.

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