Stone soup

One day a tramp came to an ol woman's house.Excuse me, ´ said the tramp.'I´m very hungry.Can you give me something to eat ? But the ol woman was very mean.Go away´ she said. ´I haven´t got any food. Oh,said the tramp. That´s a pity. I´ve got magic stone.I can make soup with it.But I need some water. Well I´ve got a lot of water,´said the mean,old woman.´A magic stone,eh?
She fetched a big saucepan of water.The tramp put the stone into it.After a while he tasted the soup.´Mmm.It is very good,´he said.It just needs a bit of salt and pepper.The old woman fetched some salt and pepper.

Mmm.That´s better,´he said. ´It really needs a few vegetables.´ ´Oh.I can find some vegetables,´said the old woman.She ran into the garden and brought back some potatoes,carrots,beans and big onion.The tramp put the vegetables into the saucepan.

It is ready now? asked the woman.Almost,said the tramp.It really needs a bit of meat.It is a pity you haven´t got any meat. Oh.I can find some meat,said the woman.She ran into the kitchen and came back woth some ham and some sausages.The tramp put them into the saucepan.

Right. said the tramp. I can´t se the stone anymore.So the soup is ready.Bread is very good with stone soup.It is a pity you haven´t got any bread.´´Oh,I´ve got a bit of bread,said the woman.She ran into the kitchen and come back with a loaf of brad.some butter and piece of cake.She put them on the table.

The old woman tasted the soup.´Mmm.This stone soup is delicious,and you made it with just that magic stone.
When the tramp left,he said,´Here is the magic stone You can keeo it.Oh,thank you, said the woman.´But remember,said the tramp.´For the best stone soup,you need a bit of meat,a few vegetables and a bit of salt and pepper,too.´

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