The American Literature

The American literature of the 19 and 20 centuries is very famous and popular. The authors are Mark Twain, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe and authors from the Beat generation, for example Allan Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Gary Snyder and Richard Brautigan.

I would talk about Jack Kerouac. He was born 12th of March 1922 in Massachusetts and his nationality was french-american. He went at the high school in Lowell and Columbia University.
He began write short novels when he was 11 years old.
He wrote for example On the Road, The Town and the City, Trisstesa, Doctor Sax, Dharma Buns, Big Sur and Mag.
All of his novels are about traveling. He describe travels across the whole America. He was author from the Beat generation and describe life of this people in his novels. This novels are full of drugs and very free style of life, about interesting people and places, art, poetry, buddhism and critism of life style of people from the „middle class”.
He said, that purpouse of his novels is poetry and description nature.

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