The nice time of my holiday

My story with happened this year in July, when we were returning from holidays from sunny California. Along with mom and her friend we've decided to drive back home by car, insted of flying by air. We supposed the way to be long, but to anybody from us it did no matter, because we are knew, that alone in this way we can even experience some adventure.

From California we went off soon morning, to go off longest distance at day. We are going through loads of known towns, as for example San Diego, Los Angeles and other. When we overtraveled borders of California,we visited state of Arizona. It is state of Indians. There are lots of Indian reservation, which are for tourist big attraction. We visited big Indian museum in the reservation. Me and mom were pushed-over for it, and went into one's. There were many interesting things, different sorts of tools, tubs, bow arrow, daggers, also large typi, in which once lived red man. Was it exciting, and the image, that we are upon the place, where they at one time lived, was fabulous. Just at the moment wewere browsing some tobacco-pipes, when in front of us unawares revealed man disguised to a red man. Mom look out quite frantically and loud screamed out. She fortunately in the end identified, that acts about mask and everything was ok.

From Arizona we became into New Mexico. Is it land of sand, everywhere is red sand, canyons and rockies. There is not lot of nature, mostly dry grass and low bushes,because here go temperatures record high. After Arizone we arrived into Texas. Texas is known for its crude oil industry. Are there big wastelands, sometimes we encountered some small market-town, where are two petrol pumps and motel. Large cities except Dallas and Houston, you would find here very heavy. There's also too dry atmosphere, but in direction to north is it better, are there softwoods and warmness is not too warm.

Next to Texasu we were cornering through Oklahoma, Kansas and finally we happily trailed into Nebraska, where mom lives. Way took three days, was very time-consuming, but nevertheless to all of us really much liked, every state was interesting and different. We brought us unforgettably experiences and many photograph. I think, that it was big life experience and not only for me, but also for my mom.

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