The seven wonders of Czech Republic

To begin with beer is a alcoholic beverage and it’s produced by water, hops, barley and yeast. Czech beer is well known all about the world. Also companies like Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar became very famous. It contains 92% water and no lipid or cholesterol.
Czechs are the best in drinking beer in the world, the second one are probably Germans or Irishs.
There were made several researches and they say that drinking beer is quite healthful. The recommend of British commission: It useful to drink one beer a day than don’t drink anyone.

In Czech republic is ice hockey more popular than football. Names Hasek, Jagr or Hejduk are famous.
The biggest success for Czech team was in Nagano in 1998 when we won the gold Olympic medal. Thousands of people welcome them in Prague. Then the golden period continuous in 1999, 2000 and 2001 we also became the world champions. Unfortunately the great hockey players are older. For example Jagr is about 32 years old.
This year there was world champions’ cup we built a new modern ice hockey hall for 17000 people. We were fifth, USA defeat us after penalties.

Antonín Dvořák
Antonin Dvorak was born in 1841 in a little Bohemian village. Dvorak took lessons from an organist. He found a job as an organist in a small church. Dvorak's „Slovanské tance“ launched his international reputation. Operas and symphonies followed and he earned enough from his musical compositions to resign his organist job. Then he teached composition for one hour a day in Prague Conservatory, but his lessons stretched out to three or four hours a day.
Later he got the invitation to America. Dvorak agreed, he had to teach three hours a day and conduct eight concerts annually. The salary was $15,000 a year. He also wrote his glorious symphony „Z nového světa“ there.

Karlův most
Karel IV. order to build bridge over the river Vltava. The work on the bridge began in 1357. It’s 520 metres long, 10 metres wide and it stands on 16 pillars column. It is decorated by 30 statues which aren’t original, but they were added between years 1683 and 1714. In 19th century a part of the bridge was destroyed by flood.
It’s the second oldest bridge in Czech republic. Today thousands of tourists visited it every year.

Tamara is a mobile radar system which can reveal even a stealth airplane. Before 1990, Tamara radars were produced exclusively for the allied armies of the Warsaw Pact. After its collapse, there were no customers, and the factory in Pardubice found itself on the brink of total bankruptcy.

Boubínský prales
Boubínský prales is the oldest natural reserve in Czech republic. It lies in national park Šumava in Southern Czech. The forest includes spruces, firs and beeches. The oldest spruce was 440 years old and 57 metres high. Unhappily this spruce fell down during the windstorm.

T. G. Masaryk
He was born in Hodonín on 7th March 1850. He visited the high school in Brno, then he went to the university in Vienna. Masaryk established a new political party, The Czech People's (Realist) Party, later renamed the Progressive Party. When the first world war break out he emigrated. He decided to join the Allied Powers in their fight against Austria-Hungary and Germany. And he fight for establishment of independent Czechoslovakia state. After world war he was elected president. People loved him. In he resigned the post of president for reasons of health. He died in Lany in 1937.

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