Why do people travel? Basically, we travel every day. We need to get to school, work, shops etc. In order to reach these places, we can use various means of transport. For example, students usually travel by bus or bike. Nowadays many people travel by car, either their own or their company´s. Other means of transport are trains, planes, ships and even your own feet. 

Another reason for traveling is to see different places, meet different people and culture. For this, people often travel abroad. The means of transport, then, vary from cars to planes, including trains and coaches - long-distance busses.
Traveling is a great way of collecting new experiences too. You are forced to speak to people, eat meals different to your national ones, get used to different ways of life and perhaps learn a new language too.
A popular way of traveling, mostly among young people, is hitch-hiking. It is definitely the cheapest way to get around and is also very amusing. The good thing about it is that you are not limited by the amount of money you can afford to spend on tickets or gas and you do not have to mind the bus and train schedules either. On the other hand, it is very risky and may often be dangerous.
Not only traveling is divided by different means of transport but also by different ways of planning: you can plan your holiday or journey just by yourself or with a help of a travel agency. There is an advantage of planning on your own - everything is up to you and you can change your plans after your needs. The travel agencies can either find you a place to stay and recommend things to see or completely take care of your holiday and plan its every second. That may be comfortable but is also rather binding.
People can travel on their own, with their family, friends or even within a group of people they never met before. Whatever might be our case, we should always remember that our holiday depends on how we make it. It can come out as a wonderful time that you will never forget but also a disappointing time of quarrels, argues and break-ups.
Things to see on our journeys and holidays depend on the place we choose to go to. We can aim on going to the countryside and go hiking or spend our time in towns and cities. However, in the countryside we can see beautiful woods, rivers, mountains and valleys, while in bigger places we can concentrate our attention on churches, cathedrals, museums, castles and chateaus.
Public transport in bigger cities is a certain way of traveling too. People in cities can make their way around by busses, trams and tube. You can also take a taxi but you have to be very careful as it can turn out to be very expensive.
Nowadays, the most common and popular means of transport is surely a car. Traveling by car has its advantages but also many disadvantages. It is rather quick and comfortable but also very dangerous - just take the statistics.
I myself travel the most in summer - two free months are quite an opportunity. Every year I go on a two-week holiday with my family. We always go to different places in the Czech Republic. Last year we have spent our time in South Bohemia. I also had the opportunity to visit Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland and Monaco. I like to travel very much. I most fancied Geneva, to name just one place abroad. As for the Czech Republic, I have no particular place that would be my most favorite. I like Prague, Tábor and Telč very much.

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