I like travelling very much. When I was on elementary school, I travelled with my family almost every year in some country of Europe. But now, I´d like spending my freetime with my friends and no with my parents. Yet now I look forward to my own holiday. I hope that when I will be older I will be very rich and I will can travel all around the world. My dream is go to some tropical island. So if I am rich, I will go there with my boyfriend or with my friends.The best time to go there will be august. I am born in summer so I love swimming, basking, playing water and summers sports. I´d kuje travel there by plane, because I have never flown in plane. I prefer hotel with many beutiful rooms and restaurant from tent. I don´t like cooking and cleaning. If I could choose I would chose the biggest room with large bed, terrase with view on sea. I don´t have TV there, because every night I look at ski on many shinnig stars. I would be very happy it there was a swimming pool with tobogan and bubble bath. I would stay there whole days. I´d like have one waiter only for me. He would bring me drings and ice-screams to my deck-chair.

Everywhere I would be I would make many fotos, because when I come back I would show it my friends and they envy me.

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