We are the children of the world

We got the earth as a present and what we did? We are destroying it. We mine as any resources as we can and what we returned? Nothing. Some people say:“ It’s in name of progress, and in near future we will recycle everything, and everything will be alright.” But this opinion is wrong. For what is the progress? In last 200 years died many more people than everywhen. Yes, we will be able to recycle everything, and we can do it today but all cost too much money. Money, they are the thing which moves with our world everything can be bought: people, weapons, organs, schools, states, love, feelings everything. I sometime ask myself: „How would look our world without money?.” But I will never know this.
While I return to that “progress” I say:” Yes, progress is the best thing that we can do now. When we stop our progress now, everything will be worse and worse.” But if we will have a luck, we will be able to return to Earth everything. Soon, we will be able to colonize other planets. Now, everyone hopes that there will not be another world war. It could destroy everything, kill everyone. The good thing for us is that most of the people are wiser than anywhen in history. But there are still some “evil” things (most time people). But that works much differently than before. The “evil” things aren’t blinded destroying force today. But intelligent, wily and subtle thing. I hope that everything evil will be erased some day.

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