About very hungry girl

Mr and Mrs Donald had a house near the park. Their small son Mike liked the dog Ron of their old neighbour Mr Frazer. Mike often played with Ron in the garden or in the park. One day he took Ron for a long walk and he got 50p from Mr Frazer. Mike put his money in the pocket and he quickly ran to buy his favourite ice-cream. He bought apricot ice-cream and he was looking forward to eat it, but at that moment he met a pretty girl. She was slim, she had short blue skirt and tight red T-shirt. She was always nonstop hungry and when she saw his big ice-cream, she wanted to eat immediately again. She told him: „Can I taste your ice-cream?“. Mike liked her long blond hair, her beautiful smile and he gave her his ice-cream cornet. She was happy and she gave him a kiss. Mike turned into a green frog ! The girl ate the ice-cream, but she was still hungry ! She looked at the frog and she was looking forward to prepare it for her dinner. The frog was afraid, jumped into the lake in the park and swam fast away ! In the afternoon Mike´s parents waited for him, but their son did not come. But in the evening the speaking frog came in front of their door. „Hi, quack quack, I am Mike, quack quack.“ They saw very ugly frog and it was horrible shock for them. But Mr and Mrs Donald were happy and sure,it was the voice of their dearest son! And because they told him : „Welcome home!“, he turned into the boy again!

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