Anne Frank (film)

My opinion of the film “Anne Frank“

The story took place in Holland during the Second World War. It is very moving story about a tragic end of many Jewish people and their families. The Frank’s were among them. This story was filmed on the base of Anne Frank’s diary, which was publicised by their non-Jewish friends.

Some parts of the film are nicely humorous but the others parts are very sad. If I’ve watched this film again, maybe alone at home, I’d understand the Jewish style of live and thinking even better. It was very good idea to produce this film because we, young people can better imagine how horrible the Second World War and how many people unnecessary died in it.

Many times I visited the Memorial and Ghetto in Terezin. When I saw the list of Jewish people, who died in the second world war only for the fact that they are Jewish and when I saw the pictures and video-document from there, I was not able to imagine me and our family in that situation like a Jewish. But if I should be in a position of a German soldier, I think I’d fight against Fascists.

My friend is a Jewish too, and it’s unimaginable for me to se her in this film, for example like Anne Frank.

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