Culture and art

When I say the word art everyone imagine sth different. There are many kinds of art. In my opinion art is sth special and unique; art can’t be sth copied. Art is an expression of an artist as a single person. For example painters express their feelings through painting, sculptors through statues or musicians through music.
Other very important component of art is architecture. Architecture is not just buildings around but also walls, aqueducts or fountains. When we look at some historical buildings we can say when it was build according to its shapes which are typical for the different periods of time as renaissance or gothic.
We can also see art in the literature. It is very hard to say which book is an object of art because everyone likes sth different but there are some awards like The Nobel Prize which writers receive for their effort. There popular books are called bestsellers.
The art is still changing - sth which is modern nowadays doesn’t have to be modern in a future.
From my point of view culture is everything which refers to people. It can be art, science, religious or traditions, customs and behaviour of a group of people.

In the past the most popular art was theatre. Theatre exists many years and it became the first success of actors. Performances gave people a release from the problems of their everyday life. However, theatres changed. Nowadays people prefer rather cinemas than theatre. Cinemas and films have become a great business all over the world. Films, actors and actresses earn incredible money, but mostly it doesn’t depend on their abilities. For a lot of people films displace books but that’s a pity because reading can improve your vocabulary and phrases which you use.
I think nowadays the most popular art is music. It is also the most extended - we know lots of different types of music as pop, rock, metal, hip-hop, trance, dance and etc., but in my opinion we cant compare it with famous composers like Smetana.

If you want to have a nice cultural day you can go to museum or gallery. In the CR the best-known museum is The National Museum in Prague. Nowadays there are about 14 million items located in 10 buildings - the main museum building is situated on the upper end of Wenceslas Square. In Prague there is also situated The National Gallery - the largest location is Veletržní palác - there is a collection of Modern Art.

I am not keen on culture at all, but I am interested in architecture - in my opinion buildings as Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or Taj Mahal in India are gems of architecture. However in the CR there are some interesting buildings too for example sites of UNESCO. Except the architecture I like also painting - I prefer the impressionist style. From music I love rock music - exactly hard rock and metal.

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