Healthy, ill
- be healthy/well, patient, fall/become ill, feel ill/unwell, be down with flu, catch a cold, catch some infection, sick child, feel sick, airsick, carsick, seasick, get better/well/rid of, be gone, go away, grow worse, recover from, recovery, disorder, illness, disease, ailment, feverish sickness, fatal disease, hypochondriac

Pain and signs
- pain (noun; I've got a pain in my wrist)
- hurt (verb; with all parts of body - I hurt myself)
- ache (noun & verb; continuous pain - I've got a headache)
- sore (adjective; I've got a sore feet)
- slight/severe pain, painful, painless, sneeze, sweat, have a running nose, blow one's nose, have a poor/good appetite

Medical examination
- prenatal care, check up, medical supervision, general practitioner (GP), physician, nurse, doctor, works doctor, surgery time (office hours, US), surgery (doctor's consulting room/office, US), waiting room, make/have an appointment with, strip to the waist, examine the chest, take a deep breath, take/check the blood pressure, take/feel the pulse, take the blood count, throat culture, put urine through lab tests, take the temperature, I have/run a temperature/fever, I have 38.5 (thirty eight point five Celsius), his temperature has risen/dropped

- treat, cure, to cure, incurable, therapy, diagnose, prescribe a medicine, take medicine/drug, injection/shot/jab, inhalation, swallow a tablet, stay in bed, lie down, be on a diet, be on the pill (women), use pills, have a complete rest, in works wonders, it was no good, there's nothing like..., aftereffects, be vaccinated, hygiene, sickness benefit

Children's diseases
- mumps, measles, rubeola, chicken-pox, scarlet fever, be a scarlet fever carrier, otitis, vaccination certificate, tuberculosis, tetanus, polio, smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough, rabies

People's diseases
- have a cold, flu, cough, a sore throat, to cough, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, be hoarse, lack of appetite, vomit, have stomachache, heartburn, nausea, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, ulcer, bilious attack, appendicitis, jaundice, backache, slipped disc, rheumatism, earache, encephalitis, be dizzy, veneral disease, typhoid fever, plague, cholera

"Civilization diseases"
a/mental disorders:
- nervous breakdown, stress, depression, a headache, insomnia, suffer from nerves
b/diseases of the blood system:
- high blood pressure, a heart attack, anemia, leukemia, varicose veins
c/skin diseases:
- rash, acne, eczema, itch, scratch, pimple, scurvy
- backache, defective hearing, allergy, overweight, asthma, diabetes, malignant tumors, cancer, drug addiction, drug addict, be addicted to alcohol, die of an overdose, break the habit, veneral diseases, AIDS (Acquired Immune Defiency Syndrome), hectic life style, lack of vitamins, polluted environment, unhealthy daily routine, insufficient sleep

Healthy life style
- have a regular daily routine, sufficient sleep, take a rest, overwork, avoid excitement, get excited, no smoking, no or little alcohol, healthy wholesome food, be on a diet, physical training, go in for sports, go for a walk, jogging, harden the body

Wholesome food
- enough vitamins, eat fruit and raw vegetables, drink good water
- eat slowly, take time to eat, eat more times a day in a small amounts, eat at a nicely set table
- not eat smoked meat and sausages (or a little), not drink spirits, little salt and spices, little or no coffeine
- eat preferably lean meat, fish, poultry, cereals, fibrous food, dark bread instead of white flour pastries (rolls, buns, cakes), vegetable oil and butter
- avoid fat meat, animal fat and high calorie dishes

Medical facilities
- health center, policlinic - general practitioner (GP), nurse, hospital (outpatients' & inpatients' department), ward, general hospital, children's hospital, teaching hospital, sanatorium, health resort, spa, water treatment, take a bath, massage, remedial exercises
- departments:
intern (internal dept.), surgeon (surgical dept.), dentist (dental dept.), oculist (eye dept.), dermatologist (dermatology dept.), ear & throat specialist (ear & throat dept.), pediatrist (pediatric), gynecologist (maternity hospital), psychiatrist (mental hospital), mental specialist, infectious diseases dept., casualty ward, emergency ward, night emergency service

Human body
Head: face, hair, eye, eye lid, ears, cheeks, chin, mouth, lips, tooth/teeth, tongue, neck/throat
forehead, eye brows, eye lashes, temple
Trunk: back, bottom/backside/buttocks, waist, hips, belly/tummy, navel, chest, breast, abdomen
Limbs: - leg, thigh, knee, calf/calves, shin, ankle, foot/feet, heel, sole, toe, big toe
- arm, shoulders, armpit, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, palm, fingers (thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger)
skeleton, backbone, bone, joint, rib, skull
Internal organs: - nervous system, nerve, brain, spinal chord
- circulation of blood, blood vessels, arteries, veins, blood cell
- muscle, tendon, ligament, gland, thyroid gland
- heart, lungs, bronchi, stomach, intestines, large and small intestine, appendix, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, bladder, spleen
- blood, urine, stool, saliva, bile

- be injured, be wounded, hurt oneself
- have/get a bruise, bruise one's arm, black eye, get a bump, bumped head, bump one's head against a beam, have/get a blister, pinch one's finger, run/get a splitter into a finger, cut one's finger on a knife, burn one's hand on a iron, a nasty burn, be scalded, swell (swelled, swollen), swollen ankle, inflamed finger, sprain an ankle, sprained ankle, dislocate a leg, stretch a ligament, tear a leg muscle, scrape a knee, cramps, brain shake/concussion, be concussed, be bitten by, blood poisoning, faint, be airsick/seasick/carsick, sunstroke, heatstroke, have/get frostbite, slip, fall over, fall off, stumble over sth., a fracture, break/fracture a bone, a rib, split bone

Serious injuries
- have a fracture, break one's leg, a fractured/broken arm, fix the leg in plaster, fix/put the finger in splints, have/put an arm in a sling, an/to X-ray, walk on crutches, faint, be unconscious, regain consciousness, bring/come round, put a patient on a stretcher, call an ambulance, operate on a patient for appendicitis, operating theater, give/get an anesthetic, breath a narcotic, to anaesthetize a patient, cleanse the wound, sew up the wound, take out the stitches, scar, scar over, heal, dress the wound, bandage, rebandage, blood transfusion, blood donor, give first aid, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, artificial breathing, stop bleeding, fix a fracture, apply a plaster cast, be badly hurt, get injured, injure one's hand, hurt oneself, death by drowning, die of wounds, die of an overdose, moan, groan, cry in a pain

Dentist & Oculist
- dental check up, have a toothache, a painful tooth, drill a rotten tooth, fill the tooth, crown a tooth, make/fix a denture, make/fix a brace, uneven teeth, wisdom tooth, the tooth comes loose, sound teeth
- eyesight, be short-sighted, color-blind, wear glasses, my eyes are sore/smart, strain one's sight, dust irritates my eyes, jab one's eye, have a sty

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