My favourite film an actor

I am a big film fan. I love watching the TV, but I don’t think I am a television maniac, although my mum said, that I loved watching the TV when I was a small baby.

There is a lot of films, which I have seen for many times and I can’t say, I love only one genre. I think, the really good televiewer sees on each good film and it’s not important, if it is a romantic or military film. Each of us has some favourite genre and it depends on the momentary frame of mind. It’s normal, that when people come home from a stressful job, they don’t want to see a difficult psychological film, that needs to think over. They want to see something positive and good-ending.
I can say that I prefer these films with the good end. When I was about twelve, I had three favourite films: The Pretty Woman, Top Gun and The Dirty Dancing. All of these three films I have seen at least twenty times, because my father have them on the videocassettes and always, when we came to him, we were watching video. Once chose my brother and once I. So, each second week we were watching these romantic film for women. My brother hates them. And I hate the films with Claude van Damme, my brother’s idol. I don’t like these action heroes, which use their power instead of their brain. It’s nothing interesting to see on the film, which hasn’t a good plot, and there are straight only fights and dead bodies. When I choose, what will I see at the weekend on, I choose rather something else.

Now I haven’t only one favourite film and only one favourite actor. There are many good things in our cinematography. The czech films are much better than the French, Italian or German films. From the contemporary production I like something like “Samotáři”, “Pelíšky” or “Musíme si pomáhat”. This is about a special kind of humor and there are many great dialogues. The first film “Samotáři” is mostly for young people and it is about the relationships between them. There are many witty moments and famous songs. The next two films are comedies about the life by us in the previous times and they are so superb because of many great czech actors like Miroslav Donutil or Jaroslav Dušek.

Next to these modern works I love the old czech films with Oldřich Nový, Adina Mandlová and other actors from this time. I think, most actors of these black-white-films belong to the geniouses. They could play everything. These films are unforgettable because they can speak to people from all classes of age.

For example I love the comedy “Cesta do hlubin študákovy duše”. I think, the author of it was a very good screenwriter, because he could excellently describe the characters of the main roles. In this film it’s going about the relationship between students and teachers. The adults see only the school, learning and duties, but one of them knows, that the pupils are not only the encyklopedies, but they have a soul too. He makes a special student book, where he writes everything unusual, what the students make during the school teaching. He has a big collection of the confiscate things and along these things he watches the development of each student from the first to the last schoolyear. My favourite student of this school is Ladislav Pešek as Kulík. He and his schoolmates love their teacher Metelka, who is a great expert in biology, but he is frightned from the state-examination because he thinks, he knows too little. The students arrange it, that he passes it without he knows about it. I like these old czech films, because people are there very kind and they behave nice to each other.

From the foreign films I like for example the “Way to America” with a great Holiwood actor Eddie Murphy. I love him. I think he belong to the best american film actors. It's about a joung prince from some African kingdom, who looks for a pretty and intelligent girl, which will be his wife and a good queen. His parents press him to married a beautiful and rich black princess, but she wants to be his servant more than his wife and this can't he accept. So he goes with his servant/best friend to Amerika to find the right woman. But when they arrived to the States they drop all their things and they start with working in a restaurant. The prince falls in love with the daughter of their employer and of course it ends happily.

The other film, that I have seen for many times, is from the German cinematography and it's called “Knockin' on Heaven's Door”. It's a baladic story about two young men, which meet each other in some clinic for the hard - ill people. They both have only a few last days of their lives and they wonder about their dreams and wishes. One of them says, that he has never seen the sea and he doesn't want to die before he see it. So they run away from the clinic, steal a car and go to the sea. A bit later they find a case with money in the car and they start to spend them. The both write a list with the things, which they always wanted. For example one of them buy his mother Elvis Presley's car. The whole story is very funny and crazy but it changes when they arrive to the coast. The friends sit on the beach and look on the sea. The camera shows only their backs and suddenly the youngest man collapsed, because he is dead. It starts to play the well-known song “Knockin' on Heaven's Door” and it's very sad, but it has one positive – he died after his big dream come true.

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