My leisure time

I do a lot of things in my free time.I go rowing I play computer games and I go out with my friends.Rowing take me majority of my free time,because trainings are very long(about three hours).Rowing is very entertaining sport.From spring to autumn we row on the river Labe in Lobkovice and we go to our fitness centre.In winter we go to Spolana´s sporting hall,where we are strenghting and playing varios games for two hours,three times a week.we go to shipyard too,where we practice rowing technique on the machines called simulators.On holidays we go by bike to Račice,where is a fake rowing channel.In winter we go to Spolana´s mouning hut situated in Krkonoše Mountains in Studenov.If times remains me,I play computer games.I share a computer with my sister but she doesn´t play lot.I like entertaining
games,but my parents sometimes buy me an unentertaining one.I usualy spend half of remaining time by playing computer games.I sometimes go out with my friengs.On Friday we go to swimming pool and we have a lot of fun.
I don't have enough free time,but I'm satisfied.

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