It was autumn – the most beautiful and colourful part of the year. Nina was new in the city. She had moved to London last week and didn’t know anybody there. She was visiting a new school, living in a new house and getting used to new surroundings.

One warm day, early in morning, she saw a boy, when she was walking to school. It was Matt – Nina’s new classmate – and was waving at her. He was tall and nice and Nina noticed him immediately the first day of school. She stopped for a while. ‘Is he really waving at me?’ Nina couldn’t believe her eyes. ‘So nice from him, maybe I’ll have a new friend,’ she thought and smiled at him, also waving her hand. Suddenly a girl appeared after Nina, thrust her away and came to Matt to hug him. ‘Nobody knows me here, I am not interesting enough …’ Nina thought sadly. ‘And I am not as pretty as this blond girl…’ she added.

And then she heard a voice shouting her name. She turn back and saw a short boy with eyeglasses who was waving at her. And this time it was really at her. Does she know him? Nina wasn’t sure.

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  1. červen 2019
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