Anna She was a villager and a new asistent in the shop . She wanted to get married Petr but she love Dave.

Peter He loved Anna. He liked football.

Dave He was a new inhabitian in village. He made The Conner Shop. He had a special powers. He loved Anna and he wanted to get maried her.

Plot in brief

The stranger come into a small village. The stranger wade from the ordinary house a new shop. The villagers needed a new shop. Anna was a new asistent in the shop. Came into the shop a beatiful woman, Greta Gordon. She gone with Dave of the Special Orders room. When she comes out she is crying. Next visiters were footballer and businessman. Dave have a special powers. When Anna know it she died.


When Anna and Dave went to London. Because she fall in love with Dave.


The book was super.

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  14. říjen 2007
  2 537×
  154 slov

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