The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde

Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde (1854 – 1900)

Oscar Wilde was born on 16. Septembre 1854 and he died on 30. Novembre 1900. He was studying in Dublin and at University of Oxford. He was an English dramatist, prosaic, poetand essayist of Irish descent.J. Roskin’s and W. H. Pater’s aesthetic ideas influenced Oscar Wilde. He was an official figure of dekadent’s movement.They enforced celebration of beauty and they refuse join art and morable. These ideas present the most expressivest in novel The Dorian Graye’s picture and in essays. He wrote conversation drama Lady Windermer’s Fan, The Unimportant Woman, The Ideal Husband and The Importance of Beeing Earnest.He wrote trgicommedy Salome.He wrote tales The Happy Prince and The Balad of the Prison in Reading.

The importance of being Earnest

Algernon and Jack are friends who tempt women from dullsville. Jack called Earnest in London. There he met Gwendolen. He fell in love with she and he wanted hers married. However Lady Bracknell doesn’t consent to wedding. She found out about Jack that Jack is foundling. Someone found Jack in bag at the railwaystation. Algernon called Earnest in the country. He fell in love with Cecily in the country. Cecily is under the guardianship of Jack. Gwendolen loved already only the name – Earnest. Gwendolen love Earnest. Cecily love Earnest. This is a problem. They fell out. Then both came here. Finally confusion unravel themselves when the two men discover they are in fact brothers. And Jack colled really Earnest all the time. All ended well.

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