Character description

- age: baby, toddler, aged ten, youngster, teenager, adult, look thirty, under forty, over fifty, middle aged, in the prime of his life, elderly person, aged man
- height: tall, medium, height, short, small
- figure: slim, slender, very thin, skinny, a neat figure, be medium built, plump, full-figured, be overweight, heavy, fat, stout, thickset, giant, dwarf
upright posture, stoopy, bandy - legged, have a shapely body, well-proportioned, have an athletic build, broad shoulders
- good looks: beautiful, pretty, cute, attractive, charming, gorgeous, good-looking, handsome, elegant, romantic, homely-looking, plain, look like a sportsman, sexy, have above average looks
- hair: long, long to the shoulders, straight, wavy, curly, permed, fringe, chignon, loose, pony-tail, plait
light/fair/blond, dark, dark-haired, auburn, light/dark brown, red/ginger, gray, grayish, tinted
beard, sideboards, moustache, bald headed, he is balding, be getting bald
- face: round, oval, angular, coarse/soft features, nondescript, wrinkled, freckles/freckled
- expression: unconcerned, bold/sly look, look cheerful, gloomy, sad, grim, solemn/poker face, enchanting/heart stopping smile, giggle, grin, chuckle, burst out laughing, frown, blush with embarrassment
- cheeks: plump, hollow, protruding cheek-bones
- eyes: blue-eyed, deep blue, dark, gray, hazel, hazel-green, sparkling
- nose: straight, hooked, aquiline, snub
- mouth: wide, small, narrow, sensual lips, even teeth
- voice: faint, shrill, husky, harsh, mumble
- gait/walk: trip, slouch, hobble
- gestures: nimble, clumsy, awkward
- skin complexion: pale, tanned, dark
- defects: wear glasses, contact lens, a brace, cross-eyed, short-sighted, blind in the right eye, be hard of hearing, deaf and dumb, stammer, lisp, limp, lame in the right leg, crippled, hunch-backed

- awkwardness, funny

- disposition, optimist, pessimist, emotional, moody, touchy, nervy, good/bad tempered, good-natured, warm-hearted, composed, calm, quiet, lively, energic, jolly, cheerful, pleasant, withdrawn, hesitating, sad, neurotic, querulous, quarrelsome, contented, petty-minded, furious, unstable, silent, talkative, get irritated, easily, be cross with sb., argue, have a sense of humor, humorous, be fond of gossip

a/attitude to people:
- polite×impolite, tactful, amiable, helpful, friendly × unfriendly, sociable, nice, kind, sensitive to people’s shortcomings, tolerant × intolerant, amusing, entertaining, shy, thoughtless, tender, suspicious, wary, cautious, stern, considerate, thoughtful, faithful × unfaithful, hospitable, greedy, calculating, stingy, reserved, understand people’s problems, find a compromise, generous, sympathetic, love animals, bold, sly, cunning, impudent, cheeky, rude, cruel, mean
b/attitude to morals:
- honest × dishonest, mischievous, open, sincere, frank, hypocrite, tricky, liar, principled
c/attitude to work:
- dutiful, consistent, conscientious × unconscientious, precise, punctual, lazy, keen to/on, neglect, one´s duties, indulgent, hard working, industrious, careful/careless, orderly/tidy
d/attitude to oneself:
- self-confident, conceited, proud, modest, underestimating, selfish × unselfish, egoistic, vain, stubborn, self-centered, snobbish, choosy, boast, show off
- independent, resolute × irresolute, obedient × disobedient, brave, timid, earnest, ardent, reluctant, lack will, naughty, self-controlled, patient × impatient
f/ talents, abilities:
- well educated, intelligent, clever, bright/smart, attentive, ingenious, wise, inquisitive, witty, practical, reasonable, sensible, curious, dull, foolish, silly, stupid

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