The fifth element

I write about film called The fifth element. This film I saw three weeks ago. Film is about five elements which survive world.
It’s begin in Egypt in 1914, where some archaeologists searches in the pyramids. There arrives the spaceship with people (Mondosivans) from space which take the five elements. One of the people tells to priest: We will bring elements brings when the world will be in dangerous.
One day the astrologist discovers in space new planet which fly to globe. When soldiers fires on the planet, the planet is much bigger than it was on begin. Only rescue are “Mondosivans” which have the five elements. When they arrive to globe, they are killed. Soldiers discover in a wreck one hand one of “Mondosivan”. Doctors make from hand a woman which flees. She jumps to Korbens Dalas car. He rescues woman. They together come to priest. The priest says, this woman is a fifth element. Korben goes to home , where wait soldiers. They tell to Korben, he has to rescue the world. He wins journey to the Fhlostan Paradise. There he goes with the fifth element. With they go dj. Ruby Rod who is very timidity. Korben finds the four element. They fly from space to globe to Egypt. In pyramids they give the four elements on their own place. The fifth element is woman which stay in the middle. The elements rescue a world.
When I saw "The Fifth Element", I emmediately named it the greatest Sci-Fi film of all time. Forget Star Wars and the Matrix, this film is so original and good that it should of won at least an Oscar. The story is absolutely cool and amazing and the aliens are cool and so are the effects. This is truly Bruce Willis best movie and role ever as the character Korben Dallas. Mila Jovovich's role is both beutiful and amazing, and Chris Tucker as Ruby Rod is just plain gay but cool. The ending is unforgettful when Bruce tries to save Mila and the good guys on Fhlostan Paradise from the gangster aliens. If you are a fan of Sci-Fi's look no further and watch this outstanding film!

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  15. červen 2008
  3 425×
  368 slov

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